E-books for sale in physical bookstores

In my last post, I asked what the relationship will be between ebooks and physical bookstores? Calgary’s Enthrill Entertainment may have the answer. They will be selling physical e-books in some brick-and-mortar stores throughout Canada. The personalized attention, customer service, and sense of community at many of these stores is something online bookstores can’t match. This new service allows customers to get this experience plus the ease and versatility of an e-book.

But how much of the convenience of e-books is the fact that you can buy them anywhere? Having to drive to a bookstore and wait in line for a book you want to read now and can get in a matter of minutes with a credit card may not be a compromise everyone is willing to make. Having said that, I enjoy going to bookstores and find this idea intriguing. To be able to physically browse through a selection is one of the best parts of book shopping. And if these are the same price as they are online, I think many people will prefer this method of buying ebooks. They also allow ebooks to be given as gifts. I, for one, can’t wait!